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Rosemary Leonard


  • Rosemary trained in medicine at Cambridge University and St Thomas Hospital Medical School.

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    She lives with her two sons and enjoys gardening, ski-ing, hiking, and sailing.

  • She was awarded an M.B.E. for her services to healthcare in the New Year’s Honours List, 2004.

  • Rosemary has more than 12 years experience working on the national press, first at The Sun, then the Daily Mail, and excels providing instant expert comments on medical news stories.



Rosemary’s knowledge and ability to convey complex matters without medical jargon have led to a wide variety of television and radio work. She makes regular contributions to the news output of the BBC, both on TV and radio, and has also been the regular medical expert on The Wright Stuff, and the evening news on Channel 5.

She co-presented Fighting Fit with the Eastenders, Kick the Habit on BBC1, Why Me? and Call the Doctor on the Living Channel, and and now she does the same thing as part of Anna Raeburn’s show on LBC.

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