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Media Medics is free to join.


For health care professionals:

If you are a GP, specialist, or one of the related health care professions and are interested in getting involved with the media in all of its forms you are most welcome. We receive numerous requests from journalists, production companies and the national media and these we pass on to any one we think would be interested. Often we are asked for people with a specialist interest, which is important when you send us a contact form. Many of us are generalists and can handle a diverse range of subjects, but when Media Medics is asked for knowledge of a specific area we will refer back to your form to see whether to include you.


Requests that are broader may be sent to larger numbers. We try and reply to everybody who contacts us but the process of narrowing down the final selection is sometimes complicated and we apologise if you respond to our opportunities and then hear nothing for a long time.


We also arrange briefing meetings, round table advisory boards, and provide information we hope may be useful to those planning features or programmes.


No one enjoys spam. We send newsletters, not regularly but only when we have information we think will be welcomed.


For others in the NHS, private sector, agencies, medical charities or production companies:

You may find it interesting to see what we do. If you like what you find, and have news or an event you think may be of interest please let us know, using the ‘Requests’ form, email, or the good old telephone. For charities, as well as journalists and national media seeking contributors there is no fee. For profit making agencies there will be a small fee just to cover our costs.


To join, choose from the appropriate contact form and send it back to us.

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