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Welcome to Media Medics, a group of over five hundred healthcare specialists, including general practitioners and hospital doctors, with increasing numbers of nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, nutritionists and dieticians. The group includes many of the better known media personalities and well as those involved in regional and the medical media, those working in healthcare management, research, medical education and public relations.

Media Medics provides support, opportunities and training, regular communications and a programme of face to face meetings. We act as an agency and encourage our members to develop their skills and obtain media exposure.

Most health care professionals spend a lot of their time in one to one health education. When used effectively and responsibly the media is an important extension to that role.
For doctors and other health professionals we offer the chance to start or develop their media career providing opportunities experience.

For production companies and medical organisations we can provide expert contributors to media or other awareness campaigns.
Media Medics started in 1994, as a small group of doctors working mostly in regional radio. We have grown, both in numbers and specialities and provide a team of knowledgeable experts familiar with every branch of both new and old media. Some of our doctors have skills in working with the modern NHS and can offer consultancy or advisory roles. We also include many other professionals such as nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, nutritionists and dieticians, often already influential in their own professions. We offer support and training, as well as new opportunities to expand their interests and a steady source of factual information to generate features and programmes.

Some of our doctors also have special skills in the working of the modern NHS and primary care organisations, and can offer consultancy to individual agencies and pharmaceutical companies

Dr Paul Stillman
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