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Radha Modgil


Dr. Radha studied at CambridgeUniversity from 1997-2000 gaining an MA and qualified as a doctor at to ImperialCollege, London in 2003 with honours. She worked for five years in hospital medicine in Londonand then trained for a further two years to qualify as a GP with Distinction. Dr. Radha continues to practice as an NHS GP, as well as teaching and working in health promotion. She lives in London and is a keen sports fanatic and paraglider!


Dr Radha is medical presenter for Channel 4’s  The Sex Education Show’, the BBC’s ‘Make My Body  Younger’ and the Body Beautiful Season.  She contributed to BBC Headroom (BAFTA Mental Health Media Award) and appeared regularly in Channel 5’s ‘The Vanessa Show’, ‘Live with Gaby’ and ‘Chasing the Saturdays’ on E! entertainment. She is currently a resident radio doctor on Radio 1’s ‘The Surgery’ with Aled’. Radha is also the weekly columnist for Woman’s Own and MSN Lifestyle, and has written for Bliss Magazine Online, Red Magazine, Top Sante, the Mail Online and The Times Educational Supplement.  She is a member of the GP Advisory Board for Cancer Research UK  and has worked with Mind and the  British Heart Foundation promoting their campaigns.

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