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Dr Arun Ghosh - Biography



Dr Arun Ghosh is a general practitioner at Spire Liverpool Hospital and is the principal partner and founder of Ghosh Medical, a Private General Practice Service currently being run in Liverpool and across the North West. He regularly appears the resident doctor on the ITV The Jeremy Kyle Show and as a medical expert on BBC Breakfast, BBC Radio, ITV and was voted in the top 250 doctors for 2013 in the UK by Tatler magazine.

Arun is Liverpool born and bred and feels a great loyalty to the community he was raised in and so have always practiced medicine in and around Merseyside. He completed his degree at Liverpool University, an institution at the cutting edge of medical training. As a junior doctor he worked in all rotations including A&E, Obstetrics, Paediatrics, Surgery and General Medicine at most of the Merseyside hospitals. He soon realised that his real passion was General Practice, practising family medicine and offering my services in a community setting. Following a patient’s journey right from birth to death allows Dr Ghosh to build real relationships and care for patients through all their health needs in life and keeping the traditional strong links between doctor and patient.

" People are missing out on the personal relationship of a family GP.  Large group practices and supercentres started to take over the NHS and the role of the community doctor became more dilute. People couldn’t even name the last doctor they saw. Patients want to have a relationship with the person looking after their health.

"We also work closely with the local football clubs and work in the media which has been very interesting and has opened a lot of doors for me. I started on local radio with Pete Price’s Midnight Surgery on Radio City where I took calls from listeners. I like to think the show benefited those who may be nervous about visiting their doctors but occasionally it was absolute bonkers!

"We then launched a regular city surgery on Citytalk which is when things really picked up. This led to my first TV appearance on ITV for Trinny and Susannah and ‘The Great British Body’ and through this I have now become the resident ITV The Jeremy Kyle Show and BBC Breakfast medical expert.

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