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Something special happens when a client of Media Medics meets one or two, or more often a small group of our doctors. They have a story to be told, the medics keen to learn of latest developments or research when preparing their own. It needs to be a good one though, these people are well grounded and not slow to pick holes if the data is thin.


So we arrange small private briefing meetings, usually over lunch or dinner, and most often a series of ‘roundtable’ evening meetings. Here 8, 10 or a dozen selected medics gather to hear presentations from our sponsors and their agencies, and enjoy a meal with a lively discussion afterwards. Our doctors enjoy these events and attend whenever they can. The result is that we can assemble the most influential and effective communicators in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.


And it works. We have seen numerous features in the press and periodicals, as well as radio and television coverage. If you have a good story, we’ll do the rest.

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